Day 33 – Rossini Overtures (CD 33)

I was already familiar with at least three of this morning’s compositions before I popped in CD 33: Rossini Overtures: William Tell, The Barber of Seville, and La Gaza Ladra. The Barber of Seville was featured, quite hilariously, in an episode of Seinfeld. La Gaza Ladra was used to open shows by the English Progressive … [Read more…]

Day 22 – Prokofieff + Stravinsky (CD 22)

It’s a beautiful morning here in West Michigan. Temperature is a delightful 70 degrees under sunny skies and a relatively low humidity of 77%. By all accounts, it’s perfect. So, I decided to make the screened-in porch my office this morning. (Who wouldn’t?) My Sands Hotel Casino mug is beside me, as is the unmistakable … [Read more…]

Day 9 Concerto For Orchestra (CD 9)

I admit it: I don’t get Bartok. Oh, I can read who he was and what he accomplished. And I, like many others, am impressed by his credentials. In fact, to be honest, I just learned from his entry on Wikipedia things about him that I didn’t know: Béla Viktor János Bartók; 25 March 1881 … [Read more…]