Day 33 – Rossini Overtures (CD 33)

I was already familiar with at least three of this morning’s compositions before I popped in CD 33: Rossini Overtures: William Tell, The Barber of Seville, and La Gaza Ladra. The Barber of Seville was featured, quite hilariously, in an episode of Seinfeld. La Gaza Ladra was used to open shows by the English Progressive … [Read more…]

Day 32 – Four Composers (CD 32)

When I first looked at today’s album, I thought, “Oh what fresh hell is this?” I continued, uninterrupted. (I’m gracious with my own time that way.) “Is this is a mistake? I’ve already heard Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture! In fact, I’ve seen that very album cover already – in this very box se! Is this a … [Read more…]

Day 31 – Mysterious Mountain + “The Fairy’s Kiss” (CD 31)

This morning’s listening fare is a composer of whom I’d never heard until now: Hovhaness, which I discovered to be Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000). His official web site can be found here. I wish I could contain my enthusiasm about Mysterious Mountain, Symphony No. 2, Op. 132, and save it for “The Subjective Stuff” section below. … [Read more…]

Day 30 – Spain (CD 30)

Although I’m sure this album of music by Spanish composers probably follows Iberia (Day 28), I’m generally not a fan of such compilations. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because, with rare exceptions, I would rather hear a country’s (or region’s) music in snippets – for example, Scottish reels or Irish jigs or American heartland … [Read more…]

Day 29 – Dvorak: New World Symphony (CD 29)

On this rainy, muggy Thursday morning in July, I’m at my usual spot at the local eatery – the one that features god-awful music, Light Roast coffee, and an Asiago Bagel (toasted twice!) with plain cream cheese – this time listening to Antonín Dvořák New World Symphony. It’s not bad. All of it. Even the … [Read more…]

Day 28 – Debussy Iberia + (CD 28)

My dad used to say, “I don’t care for that” whenever he’d encounter something with which he wasn’t fond. Like, “I don’t care for frozen peas” or “I don’t care for Monday mornings.” Not, “I don’t like frozen peas” or “I don’t like Monday mornings,” mind you. “I don’t care for that.” After listening to … [Read more…]

Day 27 – Tchaikovsky Pathétique Symphony (CD 27)

Great. Just what I needed when I already had a case of the Mondays (on a Tuesday, no less): a “solemn” or “emotive” symphony. What I really need to get my peepers to stay open is Grand Funk Railroad’s We’re An American Band, or Frank Zappa’s Roxy & Elsewhere, or Dream Theater’s Images and Words … [Read more…]

Day 26 – Brahms Symphony No. 3 (CD 26)

Brahms has never been one of my favorites, even though I have his complete works on the Brilliant Classics label – which is one of my favorites. Brilliant Classics offers very high quality Classical recordings at very inexpensive prices. Other labels – DG, Warner Classics, RCA Victor, the former EMI and Phillips, etc. – may … [Read more…]

Day 25 – Moussorgsky (orch. by Ravel) Pictures At An Exhibition (CD 25)

Here’s another example of what appears to be a misspelling on the album cover. On Day 24, I had to look up the word “pavan” as it was used in the liner notes on the back of the album. Turns out, there’s no such word. It was supposed to be “parvane,” which is – according … [Read more…]

Day 24 – The Reiner Sound (CD 24)

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the title of today’s CD was, “The Reiner Sound? Probably an orchestra full of musicians crying because of the verbal flogging he gives them.” But then I thought that would be mean of me. So I didn’t say it. As for today’s album, I … [Read more…]